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In case of leak

Always know where your shut off valves are. If you need to shut off the whole house there should be a valve where the water enters the house. If you need to shut off the hot water just shut off the cold water feed to the hot water heater. After shutting off the water open […]

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No Hot Water

If your hot water heater is electric and you have no hot water check the circuit panel or the fuse box to make sure the electric to the hot water heater has not been cut off. If you have a gas hot water heater check to make sure the pilot has not gone our. Sometimes […]

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Tackling clogged drains

Sinks and bathtubs: Most clogged or slow drains can be opened with a good plunger. Be sure to first have a little standing water in the basin area to help create a good seal. Be sure to seal off the overflow with a rag otherwise you will just be pumping air out the overflow. Open […]

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