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Tackling clogged drains

  1. Sinks and bathtubs: Most clogged or slow drains can be opened with a good plunger. Be sure to first have a little standing water in the basin area to help create a good seal. Be sure to seal off the overflow with a rag otherwise you will just be pumping air out the overflow. Open the drain and vigorously pump the plunger in a vertical motion at least a few times being careful not to break the seal between the plunger and the sink until you are ready. This may need to be repeated a few  times. If the drain gets a little better you can try filling the basin with more water. This created an increase in head pressure and may assist opening the drain. Always run the water for a few minutes after you have cleared the drain.
  2. Toilets: Since toilets already have standing water in the trap and likely more if it is clogged a plunger should work fine. Remember to plunge it rapidly. If this fails we suggest you call a registered plumbing contractor such as Falcone and Truman.
  3. If you flush a toilet and it backs up into the tub or shower you have a main drain clog. Falcone and Truman can remedy this with our drain cleaning equipment.